The time has come. Our pub is reopening!

Finally we are just days away from being able to sit (outside) our pub and have a drink!!
There has been a hive of activity to get ready for opening but also in preparation to carry out the most ambitious upgrade the pub has seen for decades.
Johnny has sent out updates of his plans and will continue to do so as we open outside and then plan for reopening of the inside. You will see his team, with volunteers, have made our White House, white once again!
Last weekend we had a fantastic turn out of volunteers and under Liz Owen’s leadership we have transformed our pub’s outside areas. 

Under the guidance of Andy Goodwin from Willow Coppice in Eynsham, and Justen Hyde as his apprentice, we now have 3 stunning willow fences. Thanks to all who lent a blistered hand in creating something of real beauty. All made from natural materials gathered and prepared by volunteers over 2 weekends. Thanks to Ross in Eynsham for letting us have the willow and bringing it to the pub in 4 trailer loads.

The “John Anson” top lawn, where previously there was nothing but mud, is now a luscious green. Tables will be placed there, awaiting us to use in the (hopefully) blazing spring sunshine. Justen and his team of workers have built a brilliant set of spiral stairs up to the lawn. In time, the far corner will have the addition of some children’s play equipment.

Over the weekend the volunteers cleared all the bark chipping and levelled the areas. Now with some garden membrane down and re-barked, we should have space for level, weed free eating and drinking complete with new flag stones leading up from the pub.
The very annoying, and messy, bank of “kitty litter” out the front has been wheelbarrowed away, levelled and slate chipping laid for a brand new seating area. All of the outdoor seating has been scrubbed, sanded down and repainted by our fabulous team of volunteers.

Nolan and Sarah have done a great job out front and are awaiting delivery of our wooden trellis (held up in the Suez canal??!) to provide a little more privacy and sound insulation for those sitting at the front of the pub. However it did highlight the bulge in our front wall. A long-time resident told me it was caused a decade or two ago when a lorry managed to hit it. If you have walked past recently you will see we now have a nice, missing section awaiting the rebuild. Liz and Justen will be leading a small team, under the guidance of Richard from our village, to have the wall back up ready for Monday’s opening.

Last but not least, for the garden we have Pete the Pergola supplying his time at a much reduced rate to erect two pergolas. They will cover the top patio areas with sailcloth strung up to provide shelter from rain or blazing sun but easily unclipped when you want to capture the weaker sun’s rays.

As you know we are just awaiting planning permission from WODC to carry out our building work that will include all upgraded toilet facilities as well as a new disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. This will mean that from the start of the work we will not have use of the pub’s toilet facilities. When the time comes we have arranged a good quality, temporary toilet trailer parked at the front corner of the building so we can make use of the buildings sanitation facilities. It will only be a short dash from the front door to our temporary Ladies and Gents. When the work is completed it will be a great improvement inside for the long term future of our pub so we do ask for your understanding during this time.
So, we are definitely on countdown now to using our pub again. It may be a few weeks of wrapping up warm but hopefully we will get some of that fabulous weather we had last year. And I can finally say: “See you down the pub next week for a drink”. That sounds good doesn’t it!

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