Next Steps for Bladon Community Pub

Thank you so much to all that have invested and supported the Bladon Community Pub bid.

The great news is that we have raised enough money to make a credible offer to Greene King. We’ll make an offer early next week and be back in touch when we have any news.

As there is sadly no guarantee that our offer will be accepted, we have decided to leave the share offer open. The share offer will now officially close on the 31st of March, or if we are unsuccessful in our bid to purchase the pub, whichever comes sooner.

If you wanted to invest but missed the deadline, please still buy shares as anything extra we raise will go towards improving our offer if we need to, improving the fabric of the building or helping us bring the community services to life.

Thank you all once again.

Share Offer Extended Until 14th February 2020

We are not that far away from the target. We still believe we can get there and so we are going to extend the share offer for a further two weeks to make this happen.

Thanks to all that have already purchased shares and if you haven’t yet or wish to increase your investment, there’s still time. Please buy your shares before 14th February. 

Help us by spread the word among friends and colleagues; you don’t need to live in Bladon to invest.

It’s Decision Time Bladon!

Today is the day! Thanks to all that have already purchased shares and if you haven’t yet, there’s still time to invest in this amazing project – please buy your shares by 11 p.m. tonight. 

3 Great Reasons to Invest!

1. Bladon’s last community hub  

It’s not just about keeping a boozer, it’s the last remaining community facility in the village and has the potential to be much more than a pub. In the UK, 120 pubs have been taken over by the community and every one of them continues to thrive.

2. Protect your property value

Surveys show that 23% of house buyers thought having a good local was important and that close proximity to a popular pub could add as much as 10% to property prices.

3. Stop another potential housing development

We know that developers are interested, they’ve even approached us! The Asset of Community Value status gives the community the opportunity to bid for the pub and is our best chance of securing and having a say in the White House’s future.

Bladon is more than a road, we have a heart of the village and the White House could be so much More than a Pub. Let’s not lose it! 
Buy your shares before 31st January 2020

Tell Your Friends and Colleagues

Not every village gets the opportunity to create an amazing hub owned by the community, offering many additional services that will make it so much More than a Pub. There is a real need for a place for the whole community to come together and where services such as support groups, coffee mornings and a small shop can be hosted. 

Spread Our Message Online

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  • Share details of our website with friends, relatives, colleagues and anyone you know who might be willing to invest.

Remember, you don’t need to live in the village to invest

Where Are Bladon Community Pub Shareholders From?

We’ve been asked by a few people where Bladon Community Pub shareholders are from, so we thought we’d provide a breakdown.

We now have 148 shareholders with people buying shares from as far away as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and South Africa.

However, the vast majority (72%) of shareholders are from Bladon and 9% are from Woodstock. Community matters to Bladon!

If you haven’t already done so, please buy your pub shares here.