Spring 2024 Update

Message from the BCBS Chair:
I hope, like me, you are looking forward to a great summer whilst keeping your fingers crossed that we get the decent spell of weather we are due. I would like to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on the tenancy of the White House and plans for the future.
The current tenancy with L&B Hospitality was due to expire in June 2025. However, they have decided to give us early notice of termination. They have given us the six months notice required under the terms of our agreement, which means that their tenancy will end, at the latest, on December 1st this year. This gives us a reasonable amount of time to find a new tenant to take over the running of the pub.
Ben, our current tenant, is committed to ensuring that the handover is as smooth as possible. He is himself a resident in the village, and has a strong desire to help us ensure that the pub continues to thrive and remain a valued community asset. Finally, on behalf of the Committee and the Shareholders I would like to thank Ben and his family for all their hard work in growing the pub into a successful centre of the community.
John Anson
Chair, Bladon Community Benefit Society

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